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    When Rose and Tom Miele opened their restaurant in 1954, they believed that buying the best ingredients was the key to success.  The rest would take care of itself.  My mother, Joanne, took that advice to heart.

    Starting as a waitress in 1968 and then as an owner (along with my father Jerry in 1974), she treated everyone like family.  Continuing the tradition of meals created and served from the heart, together they raised our family business to the level of landmark in Verona that it is today.

    I began my own history at Miele’s washing dishes for Tom and Rose at an early age.  Throughout the years, many other kitchen jobs followed.  I was also able to acquire hands-on experience in the dining room, working my way up there as well. 

    An intimate full bar and updated decor added my personal vision to the restaurant.  I now own and run Miele’s with Carol Donatucci, as my parents did before.  We are currently the third couple working together to provide great food and make our customers feel welcome- as if they are dining with family.

    We hope you will join us.

    Steven Amadeo